Artist Statement

Words cannot describe my art. Emotions tell a bigger story. I tell these stories through vivid color, all forms of nature, my imagination and music. My “Second Touch” from God has arrived and my lifetime longing to be who I was meant to be is fulfilled.

My art is unique because I create abstractly with vibrantly colored stains on wood. Most always, I use only my hands. I enjoy the transformation of a piece of wood from simple, timeless and organic to vibrant, colorful and alive via its natural grain. Joy exudes from my pores as I feel the wood, push and caress the stain and fuel my soul. My intention is to create dimension, movement and ultimately, unique, emotionally charged works of art that have touched every sense.

Visual inspiration comes from a beautiful garden brimming with loads of color, breathtaking sunsets bursting with orange, the subtle but sublime metallic golds and coppers in Raku pottery, the magnificent Rainbow Eucalyptus tree or the beaming contrast and glitter of colorful elements of nature such as geodes. When creating on wood, the grain of the wood itself drives this art and is perfect inspiration alone.

Abstract brings my world and your world together by allowing each individual to see and feel their own story. The secondary emotion evoked by “hearing” the music or remembering the lyrics from the piece’s carefully researched song title will allow you to continue to experience the art in your head and heart each time you view it. 


Susi Schuele is a self-taught abstract artist. Raised in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, she now lives in the Town of Lisbon, Wisconsin with her husband, Chuck and their two very spoiled dogs, Stardust and Hanna.

Susi has been creating in some way since she was a child. She is self taught, beginning with acrylic paint and drawing. She has been creating abstract art with colorful stains on wood since approximately 2015. Susi not only achieves incredible depth in her work, she brings a little more of her soul into each of her paintings by titling them with song. Her love of music (Susi’s husband is a guitarist)  is only surpassed by her love of art. As a result, her paintings evoke a powerful emotional effect on viewers.

Susi has attained her technical abilities from studying the works of artists she admires, such as O’Keeffe, VanGogh and Monet. She is always experimenting with tools and mediums to achieve her desired effect. 

Susi explains, “I have always been drawn to any creative outlet. Over time, as a single mother, my technology career took the front seat to keep the house running. But I always found a way to keep nurturing my creative side and often times, this supplemented our income. Each drawing, painting or creative activity drew me closer to what I believe is my true calling.

“Creating colorful art on wood has refocused my perspective toward the lighter, happier, positive side of each new day. And…I have seen the same effect on people when they view my art work! Their wide smiles reach their eyes. And their expressions as they realize that each of my signature pieces are stain on wood and not paint is always a powerful, joyful reaction, both to them and to me.”

Schuele was nominated for the “People’s Choice” award in the ArtisTTable 2017 Womens Exhibition online. She a member of many art communities and is represented by the Gallery of Wisconsin Art (GOWA) in West Bend, Wisconsin and Abstract Expressions Gallery & Studio in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. She has exhibited at prestigious exhibitions for contemporary art and at the One of a Kind Spring Art Show in Chicago, IL.


Susi Schuele

Fine Abstract Artist

Susi is currently the only artist in the country, and perhaps the world, creating fine art on wood with colored stains. Recently, she has also begun to paint with alcohol ink as well.

She was one of several notable Wisconsin artists in the Contemporary Abstraction: The Female Perspective  and Botanical Masterpieces exhibitions which ran consecutively at the Gallery of Wisconsin Art in West Bend (GOWA), from April 27 - June 30, 2018.

Susi's piece “Dark Side of the Moon” was featured in Huffington Post/Hometalk's article 53 Gorgeous Ways To Dress Your Blank And Boring Walls in January of 2017. 

She is a member of several local art communities including:

  • Milwaukee Artists Resource Network (MARN)
  • Wisconsin Visual Artists (WVA)
  • Wisconsin Alliance of Artists and Crafters (WAAC)
  • Pewaukee Area Arts Council (PAAC)