Name that Art Tune

I'm often asked about my art titles. I have had comments from some that love the song titles and comments from others that feel I should pick my own more "artsy" names that relate more to the art (this actually came from a gallery owner). I don't mean to be disrespectful as I am certainly pretty new to the *official* art world. I get it that there are *rules*. But I believe there was a certain artist that said..

 “Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.”

Yeah, and that artist was Pablo Picasso and he didn't do too bad for himself.

So, I digress.....

I'm a maverick and I'm breaking the rules.

I name my art after song titles because music is also art. Because music fills my soul with happiness or sorrow or excitement or fear. Because art that has a song title sends people to another place in time where they might have fallen in love or had their heart broken or experienced the birth of a child or a memorable cross country trip or a high school crush. Because you can dance to music and because there is so much life in dancing (not to mention that I'm blaring the music and generally dancing my butt off as I create.. go ahead, picture that :) )

And there is life in the art that I'm creating and the title can bring the art to life. Because when I name an art piece with a song title, it's because I HAVE thought it out, listened to the music, reflected on the way it fits so perfectly with the piece. I often start with one title and change it because another one floats through my head that raises the sentiment level to extremes and so perfectly completes the emotion and message I'm trying to convey through the beautiful use of color and wood grain or the fluidity of the acrylic pour.

Show Me the Way - Second Touch Art - Fine Art on Wood - Susi Schuele
Show Me the Way - Second Touch Art - Fine Art on Wood - Susi Schuele

This is one of my newest cradled birch pieces. "Show Me the Way"

Look closely, look at the way the orange center is drawing you in to the beautiful grain. Follow the center and drive through a deep tunnel of beauty but uncertainty.

"Every night I say a prayer - in the hopes that there's a Heaven..."
Imagine the light around you...
"Take me tonight to the river and wash my illusions away..."

Show Me the Way

Do you see it? Can you hear it?  Can you feel it?

The artists Styx created the most outstanding music. Isn't it a complement to this piece and to their music for them to be married to each other? Can you hear it singing this song to you? And I certainly hope they don't mind... but somehow, I don't think they will.

Yes, song titles for my art. I want you hear each piece, feel each piece, be moved by it from every sense you own. And this beautiful stain also smells of jasmine.. so, as I create, not one sense is missed. It's a beautiful thing.