Spinning Art on Wood


WELL LOOKIE HERE!!!  I'm blogging AGAIN... will miracles never cease?

Today I want to show you my latest weekend warrior project.  It was a "wild hair" day but after hubby and I grocery shopped, took the dogs for a walk and then both retreated to our respective corners to do what we love, I decided to break out the new decorators wheel and take a piece of wood for a spin ;)

For this piece, I created mostly original Unicorn SPiT™ by trying a dirty pour on a 12” round pine piece. I mixed the colors with about 50% water and then layered them in a cup as I would do an acrylic painting. Then I put my board down on the wheel, spun that baby and poured while spinning it. Parts of it came out a little muddy and it didn't wow me.  I decided to add some "Home Brew"  SPARKLiNG STAiN™ (not on the market for a while - I am one of a few beta testers), spun again, tilted and manipulated with a craft stick to get my desired design.

After It dried, I sanded it, wiped off the dust and brushed on Arm R Seal to seal it. Using these particular colors with the spinning process might not have been the best choice. And honestly, I think Unicorn SPiT™ works the absolute best when applied by hand on a great grain.

So what do you think?  Please let me know in the comments!

Have a joyfully creative day!