The Frustrating Side of Art - Eating the Frog

As most are aware, I recently closed a web and graphic design business to focus on art. Well dang if there isn't another side to JUST BEING AN ARTIST. Because I have the web and design skills, I find myself absorbed in all of the tasks that are required in order to maintain a website and a brand. Not to mention the administrative side of a business. Do you face these challenges?  How do you focus your time on the things you love and still keep the business side running? I spent most of the day today by "eating the frog" (doing the stuff you don't want to do first) and trying to get caught up in adding the recent art I have created to my website. I also have to maintain a database and a spreadsheet that I use for tracking materials and costs for each piece. Is this level of granularity necessary? I'm not entirely convinced but I just don't need Uncle Sam mad at me at the end of the year (or my accountant ;) ). And we won't even go into the marketing aspects. These grueling tasks still have to be done in order to pursue creating as a business instead of a hobby.

And therein lies my problem. The proverbial double edged sword.

I want to create.. make art And that is my *job* as an artist. But all this other stuff gets in the way (dang frogs - they're just ugly). It frustrates me...

So, I'm determined to get it all caught up, get everything I've already done put online and then VOW to myself that I will only create a new piece after the previous piece has been added to all of the online spots it needs to be added to.  I do use Artwork Archive for a database and it's quite useful. There are so many great features. It's a great way to track all of my art and the location it's in and did you know that if you purchase a piece of original art that it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity? Pretty cool.

Well ANYWAY. I'm rambling.

And this is just a random thought...

Tomorrow is another day to joyfully create :)

Susi Schuele - Artist - Second Touch Art
Susi Schuele - Artist - Second Touch Art