Video Tutorial? See why they will be rare here.

Day 3 and another post??? 

Can it be so?? Well it's admittedly tough right now. But since I got kicked off my computer so my office could be cleaned, it made perfect sense to sit in the studio and write a post while I was waiting.Today I'm working on graphics and my website to launch a sale celebrating my new full time artist status!

(Update: post written on day 3 - sidelined for publishing until day 4 - does that mean I have 2 today? - we shall see.)

Anyway, as for this post, I thought I'd tell you about my attempt at a video tutorial on Tuesday. The video was pretty OK as far as a rookie video goes, but my focus was absent and therein lies the rub. In the future, I'll try to just create and not narrate or add audio later but this was multitasking that is not in my repertoire. You'll likely get some good info out of it, but the finished piece will definitely need some tweaking on my end to get the results I'm happy with. This is precisely why I don't do videos. Hate to say it, but kinda like that rub your head and belly at the same time thing - nope.


See Why Videos Will Be Rare Here.jpg

This is what I ended up with. So enjoy this and get what you can out of it. I did end up posting the tweaked version in the next paragraph.

See Why - Tweak.jpg

And here's my tweak. The beauty of this water based product. Re-dos are easy. Didn't wash anything off. Just added a layer. And now...