The Show Must Go On

So tough to keep things like this blog going. Especially when I'm in the heat of battle preparing for my upcoming fine arts show.

There’s so much that goes into this and it becomes even more clear as you start getting down to the wire and thinking “what about this? what about that?”

In the last several weeks I have:

  • Set up a campaign to promote my attendance at the St. Charles Fine Art Show
  • Researched and ordered a complete ProPanels system including lights, stabilizers and a banner bar
  • Researched, ordered and received a new print bin
  • Designed, ordered and received a new display banner
Ordered and picked up giclee prints of my original art
  • Ordered and picked up notecards of my original art
Ordered clear poly bags for notecards
Bagged note cards
  • Stained and polyurethaned 7-10 frames (I lost count)
  • Finished final polyurethane coats on several art pieces and epoxied one other
  • Signed and bagged matted prints
Taken photos of finished artwork
Edited photos of finished artwork
  • Uploaded photos of finished artwork to Artwork Archive, Facebook and my website
Added new artwork details to Artwork Archive database which includes size, pricing, descriptions, estimated costs
  • Added artworks for sale on my website
Started the process of adding credit lines to each and every image of my art online
  • Created a sale promotion of my earlier inventory
  • Researched and acquired art insurance
Created a printed portfolio
  • Created gallery tags for my art
  • Begun preparation for my own Gallery Night opening
Created a price list
  • Created a template for displaying the art at the show
  • Signed and wiped down original art on wood
Commissioned and received cloth art bags for heavier wood pieces
  • Commissioned frames for heavier wood pieces

This is all in addition to the normal tasks of running a home, taking care of 2 dogs, supplying web and graphic design services to a few clients that asked me to continue to help them on the close of my web and graphic design business, monitoring a couple of Facebook groups and of course, running a piece of donated art into downtown Milwaukee, updating a profile for a new website that has asked me to join their artist list, monitoring and posting to my own social media sites and probably a bunch of stuff that I just can't even remember right now.

Second Touch Art Blog - The Show Must Go On
Second Touch Art Blog - The Show Must Go On

AND OH. We bought a trailer.

It's what one would call a P.O.S. but it is solid and will do the job of transporting everything very nicely. We did have a chink in the armor (no pun intended) however and found out that while Wisconsin is great about not having a title on the thing to run around here, other states are not quite as forgiving. So we now have to rent a UHaul trailer for this show. Bummer. The good news is, we are getting it titled for the next one and it certainly will do a good job of storing all of the panels and show needs until the next one.

I'm really glad that I keep lists... it's what helps keep me sane in these moments.

I'm finishing up the packing and double-checking for everything twice today. Tomorrow, we head out to Illinois and pray the weather holds... it's supposed to be good as far as I can tell right now. I'm going to will away those pesky thunder showers they're calling for on Sunday.

In any event, I wrote this post for those considering doing shows. I hope that my list makes your show a little bit easier. It just gives you an idea of what actually goes into these things so you can make an informed decision if this route is for you. I'm happy we've done all of this -  It’s been a little crazy but I do believe it will all be worth it.

But I seriously am ready to getting back to what I love - creating. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.


Susi Schuele - Artist - Second Touch Art
Susi Schuele - Artist - Second Touch Art