Acrylic Paintings Sale - 100% Proceeds to Hurricane Relief - UPDATED



As I will no longer be creating acrylic paintings in my portfolio, I am offering existing acrylic paintings on canvas at a drastically reduced price to encourage their sale AND....

100% of the net proceeds of these paintings (minus shipping costs) will be donated to human and animal relief effort organizations for the victims of hurricanes Harvey & Irma.

This sale begins now and ends September 30, 2017.

Use Coupon Code HARVEYRELIEF to purchase these acrylic paintings on canvas only at 80% off.

PLEASE support this. So MANY people and animals are in trouble in Texas AND FLORIDA! Your purchase is a tiny dent in the funds needed  to assist in supporting humanitarian organizations and humane societies as they provide relief to the suffering from two of our country's greatest natural disasters.

I'm not making ONE DIME from this sale. Everything is going to relief. You can make a difference with a purchase of beautiful art and at the same time helping in the rescue and recovery of humans and animals so desperately in need.

If I could get in the car and go, I would. But I can't. It's just reality.  But I CAN do this.  And I would so appreciate it if you would too.


Thank you so much.