Reviving Myself



Yes, reviving myself. It's August. Where did the summer go?

We've had weekends bursting with activity - most recently taking our grandkids to Wisconsin Dells for a few days. Gettin' old is certainly not for sissies. So mostly I'm recuperating in hopes of being revived.

Back from this latest trip and thinking I may be at the end of a long line of scheduled events, I finally got back in the studio. As a kid (and many times as an adult), I have often felt that I was standing in the middle of a room screaming but no one was listening. There's obviously regression therapy needed here and I'm working all that out. And part of working that out is to channel those feelings into my art.

Typically, I rock out on some good tunes or even croon with some oldies and get a lot of joyful inspiration that way. This was totally a different exercise. So here's the finished and as yet unsealed and untitled piece.

Do you see it? Do you see the molten lava center exploding into its surroundings? It is looking to be heard.

As I mentioned, the piece has no title. It is IMG 1548. I'm wondering if I should leave it as IMG 1548. So nondescript. This piece is waiting to be revived by giving it a title and a cathartic release from being nameless and faceless. So what title would you give it? Would you go with something to convey the emotion or would you go with something that fuels your vision of the abstract art?  I've given you a little video so you get up close and personal with it.

Please comment. Let me know I'm heard. And if you reward me with that, I might just reward you with another blog post.. ;)

Workin' it out,