Seasons Change, And So Do We


The winds of change are always blowing. I felt it a very appropriate time to make a few big changes since we are entering one of my favorite seasons, lovely Fall.

One of these changes is in the writing of this blog. I have always felt challenged to get blog posts written in a timely manner. If you've read any of my writing in the past, you know this already. I had a wonderful call with a very smart lady today who gave me sage advice on ways to move forward in my art world.

  • First, my Instagram feed is on now my daily blog. On rare occasions, I will post a more detailed blog on the blog page, but going forward, look more to my Instagram for daily stories, images and mini-videos.
  • My second change, and this is a huge one, is that I will no longer offer acrylic paintings on canvas. This is a shift from what I have been doing, but my main focus has always been art on wood. I feel like I need to stay true to that and my passion. While the fluid acrylic paintings are cool, they are not reflective of the kind of artist I want to be. I will continue to create the acrylics because I think they're great giveaways and they are fun to do, but I will not offer them for sale.
  • I may add alcohol ink art in the future, but for now, staying true to my focus, stained art on wood.
  • Finally, the last change for now will be that I am once again introducing free shipping! This will be effective immediately for all art on wood pieces!