Bridge Over Troubled Water - the art

This piece started off as a little bit of an experiment that turned out better than I expected. So here’s what went into this creation. 

I had been wanting to create a piece to this song for some time. I have a song title list that I keep for both inspiration and for my love of that particular song or artist. Bridge Over Troubled Water was on that list for some time.  

I have a palette of colors that are some of my favorites to work with. While I’m wildly fond of bright colors, I sometimes like to create with more muted tones.  Especially if my mood dictates it. Blues, purples and greens play so nicely in the sandbox that it’s hard not to love them and bask in their soothing calm.

Work in Progress… before sealing

Work in Progress… before sealing

This piece is a 12” x 24” x 1.5” deep gallery cradled wood panel. I typically purchase these panels (which takes away my ability to pick the grain but birch usually has a stellar grain) from Blick Art Materials. The “formal” description for this panel is:

 “Blick Studio Wood Panels feature a standard 4 mm basswood surface that resists splitting and bubbling, cradled with a highly stable solid pine frame that won't warp or bend. Both the surface and the frame are sanded on all sides for smoothness.”

Since it’s pre-sanded, I might lightly sand once for “insurance” and then dust it off and begin. As I apply the stain, I let the vibe and feel of the music flow through my body and allow my fingertips to be the maestro for this musical art orchestra. The blues and purples and teals are hand blended with subtle whites and a little water to form the stormy skies over the troubled seas. It’s a beautiful feeling to caress the stain and watch it evolve from the picture in my mind.  Moody and a little sad, this vision is uplifted with a hint of gold and pearlescent ink to remind us:

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Bridge Over Troubled Water

 “Your time has come to shine

All your dreams are on their way
See how they shine...”

“Like a bridge over troubled water
I will ease your mind...”

~Simon & Garfunkel

At moments, the struggle is real. This colorful stained fine art on wood was a soothing blend of colors and music created to ease my soul at a difficult time. Sometimes as artists, we question ourselves when our mojo is “off”. This piece started out as “questionable” in my view but that “Bridge Over Troubled Water” appeared and took me across that stormy sea into a beautiful vision.