Whoa Whoa... Listen to the Music

People often ask me where my inspiration comes from. I think that's a fairly standard question posed to an artist. There's another question that doesn't come up as often which is:

Why did you title that piece the way you did?

Let me answer that...

I absolutely love music - most all. There are really only 2 genres that I'm not crazy about and they shall remain nameless because that's not the point. My mission in this post is to tell you about why I title all of my art with song titles (if you find one without a song title, it's one of my earliest works and I'd grab it because it's a collector's item :D).

If you haven't already noticed, each artwork listed here on the website has a short "blurb" under it. That little blurb is as important as the piece itself because it is the portion of the lyrics in the song that helped emotionally charge the piece. Every selection of title that I make is extremely researched and given excess thought. I don't just throw a title at it. I listen to the music, I read all of the lyrics, I brought a piece of my life into it as I experienced the emotions produced by joy, pain, anxiety, courage, and depression, among others. Sometimes, I love a song so much and I relate to it so well that I let loose on the board based on the vibe or the visual that is produced in my brain. Other times, I create with sadness, energy, joy or rockin' out to Steven Tyler and I find the title after the painting is done. Either way, title to process or process to title, it must fit with my feelings and the visual that has been stained onto the wood.


Whoa Whoa


Listen to the Music...

Wander on over and just browse. Look at the lyrics and the title. Celebrate the marriage of music and visual art. It's a good one. I bet you'll get at least one of those songs stuck in your head for the day. And it will evoke such memories..