The Magic of a thousand years

My latest large colored stain on wood piece (36” x 36”) is in its final stages of completion. “A Thousand Years” has been a very layered process of love (that felt like it would take me 1,000 years to finish!).

 I created this piece with this title and colors as a kind of tribute to my daughter’s wedding in 2015. The title of the piece is a song is from the movie “Twilight”. My husband played it on acoustic guitar as Sarah walked down the aisle. The colors of light purple and orange were her primary wedding colors. 

The piece was difficult emotionally as I was trying to capture the glowing love of childhood sweethearts and the song that had so much meaning for them while incorporating the darkness of the “Twilight” saga. I tried to take dark and light and marry them into a beautiful memory of a very special day. 

This video shows “The Magic” of the piece becoming bright and alive as the oil based sealer is added producing stunning vibrant color and dimension. 

I have not yet decided if this piece will be for sale. I suppose that depends on my daughter. It was certainly complex but I'm very happy with the end result.