Alcohol Ink Risks

So I need to share this with you. As many of you know, I have had an eye infection since around June 30. I was on antibiotics for two weeks and thankfully my cornea has been spared. I am still dealing with something called "Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis", which is basically irritation in the white part of my eye being caused by a "cobblestone" effect under my eyelids. I can't wear my contact lenses or makeup on my eyes for another month. I'm not going to show you pictures - they're gross. I am now on a steroid drop that costs $210 with insurance for a 5 ml bottle. And Ill need a refill. That's nuts and a whole 'nother rant I could go into about Big Pharma but I digress....

I do want my friends using alcohol inks to be aware of this. I wear contact lenses and they do play a part in this for sure because it could have started with a bad batch. But the major reason I'm still dealing with this is that my studio space does not have the proper ventilation for the fumes from the inks to escape and the vapors can get in your eyes and actually hang around in your contact lenses. I am taking steps to put a HEPA filter in my studio and get fans that will blow clean air in and dirty air out. (I would love suggestions.) If you are working with inks, PLEASE BE CAREFUL. They are insidious. I'm not going to give up creating with ink, nor should you. But it's imperative that you work in a safe environment because losing your eyesight also may mean losing your ability to create in the ways you love.

Best to all,

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