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The Moment I Knew I Was An Artist

Today, I want to tell my story. It’s long. But it is cathartic for me to do this today and I do have another reason. You’ll have to read the whole post to find that out. And since this is my “once every six months or so post”, I am sure you won’t mind.

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Name that Art Tune

I name my art after song titles because music is also art. Because music fills my soul with happiness or sorrow or excitement or fear. Because art that has a song title sends people to another place in time where they might have fallen in love or had their heart broken or experienced the birth of a child or a memorable cross country trip or a high school crush. Because you can dance to music and because there is so much life in dancing (not to mention that I'm blaring the music and generally dancing my butt off as I create.. go ahead, picture that :) )

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