There's a Light

There's a Light


"There's a light that shines on all people
Sees them through
It waits and watches them move
Through their lives like people do
There's only so much we can be sure of
We can see
The rest belongs to time
And things that are meant to be..."

~The Doobie Brothers

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A cathartic release in this painting as I channeled my energy from times past into this sea of blue and center of warm copper. The warm color depicting the ever growing voice seeking to be heard on an island surrounded by beautiful waters of life. As these lyrics of an all time favorite song have resonated with me for many years, they fit beautifully into this piece of my soul.

“When the clouds surround you
And you know you’ve found your rainy day
Oh, the blues are bound to make you feel
Just like they’re here to stay
All through your life
Anything that’s meant to be will be
When tomorrow comes
Once again, you’ll see”

A beautiful way to honor a beautiful song and remind us about hope for all tomorrows and what is meant to be.

This piece is 16″ x 16″ x 1.5″ and is hand stained onto a birch wood cradled panel.

This original art is signed on the front. It is professionally packaged, insured and shipped with special attention to the art box and wrapping. All shipments are tracked and a signature is required upon delivery.