OK, so that title is a bit misleading. I don’t really love turtles. I mean, they’re OK, but reptile looking things in general creep me out a little.

What I really wanted to show you was my Turtle Duo. And tell you how they came to be in a Turtle Duo.

Turtles Duo - Elenore - Mixed Media Acrylic and Stain Paintings - Second Touch Art


OK, I get it, they’re not turtles.

Turtles Duo - Happy Together - Mixed Media Acrylic and Stain Paintings - Second Touch Art

Happy Together

But they have green in them. And they both have titles of songs by the “Turtles”! So that makes “Elenore” and “Happy Together” very happy indeed.

They are a great pair but I thought you’d be interested in their creation. I am a huge fan of creating “dirty pour” acrylic paintings. I am also a huge fan of creating art on wood using Unicorn SPiT™ Stain & Glaze. As a matter of fact, that product is what I use exclusively on my signature art on wood pieces.

I thought fusing these two mediums would allow me to create with both the methods and products that I love so much. I was so pleasantly surprised at the outcome of the marriage of these two. The acrylic pours are always joyful with the creation of the cellular structures in them. What I didn’t realize when I decided to add the Unicorn SPiT is that given the densities of both of these, the Unicorn SPiT settles beneath the acrylic a bit and this adds a wonderful texture and engraved or inset look. You can see that clearly in these photos.

So thank you “The Turtles” for giving me such great inspirational song titles to work with! I hope you enjoy these!

Joyfully creating,

Susi Schuele - Artist - Second Touch Art

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