Artist Statement

Art Connects Us - Quote - Marie ForleoI am a maverick artist specializing in creating wood art pieces using vibrant, colorful stain. I feel I am nurturing nature by infusing the grain of wood with new life using mostly just my hands. On occasion, I will use a small paint brush for detailed work. I add layers of color to create magnificent three dimensional pieces with beauty that is very hard to capture in a photograph. This original form of art on wood must be seen and touched.

I also create with acrylic paint by pouring. The swirl and anticipation of watching each color unite with another to form a union of the unexpected is as captivating as the cells being formed from a chemical reaction.

My inspiration comes from magnificent sunsets bursting with orange, the subtle but sublime metallic golds and coppers in Raku pottery or the beaming contrast and glitter of colorful elements of nature such as geodes.

I title my art with song titles. Sometimes this is because of the music I am listening while I’m creating, sometimes the title just fits and sometimes it’s entirely sentimental. Whatever title I give my art, it truly comes from an emotional place of wanting to capture the essence of the painting through song.

Second Touch Art - Original Hand Stained Abstract Art on Wood and Canvas

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