art tools you can use!

This is my “go to” page for various supplies that I use for my art. This would include the mediums, sealants and other tools that I may use. Please note that these are affiliate links in which I receive a small commission. These commissions help support the creation of my art and I do appreciate you taking the time to look and support me.

this is a magnificent medium for any artist. It’s water based, non toxic and vibrant color that works on paper, metal, wood, glass - you name it. I couldn’t do what I do without this product with the super cute name.

this is my go to epoxy resin for larger items. While the mixing times can be lengthy, if you follow the directions you will almost always have the most perfect pour with no setup issues and minimal bubbles. It has a 45 minute work time and is super hard when cured. highly recommended. It’s also not as expensive as most other brands.

these are my favorite calibrated measuring cups for mixing resin. They are not too pricey and very sturdy with lots of measurements. They come in several different sizes but my favorite size is the 10 oz. cups.